Welcome to my world of conscious fashion and unique design. I am Dominika Pluska, the proud founder and designer of PLUSKA. It is an honor to share my story with you.

In 2015, a turning point in my life led me to Switzerland, where I pursued a degree in design management. The journey began when my parents’ thriving shoe factory had to close its doors.

Upon my graduation, my father gifted me a bag he had crafted from leather scraps remaining from his previous company. I remember the abundance of unused leather left to waste simply because they didn’t meet certain quality standards or were deemed out of fashion. This thoughtful gesture ignited the idea of creating something remarkable with a positive social and ecological impact. My background in fashion, coupled with my studies, allowed me to connect the dots and see the potential of founding a luxury brand that embraces sustainability and supports skilled artisans like my father.

I realized that there was an opportunity to breathe new life into my parents’ legacy, to resurrect their shoe company, and to empower skilled workers, giving them back the pride they deserved. This realization laid the foundation for PLUSKA, where every handbag carries not only the essence of timeless design but also the spirit of appreciation for the people who craft them.

With PLUSKA, I aim to bring together the art of craftsmanship and a conscious approach to fashion, offering you pieces that tell a unique story while leaving a positive impact on the environment and the lives of those who contribute to their creation.

I invite you to explore the world of PLUSKA, where every bag is a masterpiece of creativity, sustainability, and appreciation for the extraordinary talents that make it possible. Join me in this journey of redefining luxury and celebrating individuality through unique designs with a purpose.