8.1. Before placing the Order, the Customer will be informed about the planned date of its implementation, i.e. the delivery of the Goods. Due to the nature of the Services and the Goods offered in the Store, the Seller informs that the completion of the Order should not exceed 14 business days, and in no case 30 days from the date of the Contract of Sale.
8.2. The customer has the right to choose the method of delivery, in accordance with the order form. Other than standard forms of delivery of the Goods are possible – after prior individual determination by e-mail or by phone.
8.3. The specified delivery time does not include holidays.
8.4. Ordered goods are sent via UPS or Polish Post Service. The cost of shipping is always shown to the customer for acceptance at the stage of placing the order.
8.5. Paid Orders in full, will start to be processed the day after the payment is credited to the Seller’s account.
8.6. In the case of ineffective delivery of the ordered Goods via the courier company due to the fault of the Customer, the Seller shall re-ship the package provided that the Customer covers its costs. If the ordered Goods are not collected three times, the Seller reserves the right to withdraw from the Sales Agreement due to non-performance by the Customer and to terminate the contract for the provision of electronic services (account termination). In the event of withdrawal from the Contract of Sale, the Seller shall refund to the Customer the payment for the Goods less the delivery costs which the Seller was obliged to incur.8.7. In the case of damaged package, the Customer should prepare a report together with the courier and notify the Seller about this fact by writing to the following address: In the event of damage to the Goods during its transportation, the Customer has the right to demand a reduction of the Price, withdrawal from the Contract for sale or exchange of the Goods for a new one, unless bringing the Goods to compliance with the Sales Agreement in a manner chosen by the Customer is impossible or would require excessive costs compared to the proposed method by the Seller. Then the Seller has the right to repair the Product or replace it in favor of a product free from defects of its choice.

PLUSKA Shipping Information

We proudly offer shipping across Europe.
Your orders will be dispatched either via a trusted courier service or the Polish Post, based on the destination and any associated customs fees. For deliveries handled by the Polish Post, you can estimate the delivery date using this formula: D represents the dispatch date, and n represents the business days until delivery. Track your estimated delivery here:
Please note:

  • We do not offer payment upon delivery.
  • In-store or personal pickups are currently unavailable.