Pro Helvetia & PLUSKA

Pro Helvetia, the esteemed Swiss Arts Council, is renowned for its dedication to promoting Swiss arts and culture globally. With a mission to foster cultural exchange and amplify Swiss creative works on the international stage, it supports a myriad of artistic disciplines, from visual arts to interdisciplinary arts.
It was in this esteemed context that Dominika Pluska, the visionary behind the Swiss-Polish brand PLUSKA, was recognized. Celebrated for her innovative PLUSKA project, Dominika has championed sustainable luxury, creating exquisite goods from upcycled leather and collaborating with skilled local craftsmen over the age of 50. This accolade also brought her the opportunity to be mentored by the renowned London-based designer, Katarina Rimarcikova. Pro Helvetia’s recognition not only emphasized the significance of PLUSKA’s sustainable approach but also set the stage for its international debut.

The Green Product Award & PLUSKA

The Green Product Award stands as a beacon for sustainability and innovation, celebrating trailblazers who design with an eco-conscious mindset. This platform recognizes excellence in various categories, highlighting the pivotal role of green practices in contemporary product design.

Dominika Pluska’s PLUSKA once again shone brightly, this time earning accolades from The Green Product Award. The brand’s unwavering commitment to sustainable luxury and craftsmanship, especially its collaboration with artisans over 50, secured its top position in the “bags” category. This honor further cements PLUSKA’s role as a leader in eco-friendly luxury in today’s world.